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Detroit Assisted Living

About Detroit Assisted Living

Welcome to the Detroit Assisted Living section of the Eldercare Channel. Independence is an important part of life for all of us, and something that many take for granted during their youth.  As we get older, many of us find that mobility and other concerns can have a significant impact on independence and our ability to remain safely and comfortably at home.  If aging in place is no longer an option for your loved one due to difficulty with the tasks associated with daily living, assisted living can be a wonderful option.

Detroit Assisted Living offers the benefits of independent living, such as the freedom to go as you please and to prepare your own meals when desired, while also offering assistive help where you need it.  Most facilities have staff members who offer services such as cleaning, meal preparation, assistance with bathing, and other tasks.  Housing arrangements differ from one facility to the next and can come in the form of houses, condos, and both shared and individual rooms and suites.

If you are looking into assisted living for yourself or for someone you love, making the right choice is important.  Launched in 2015 by Jeff Welsh and Right at Home of Detroit, The Detroit Eldercare Channel is an extensive online directory of local senior care services and can help you find area assisted living centers and facilities that you can contact to learn more about services, pricing, insurance acceptance, and more.  Helping seniors and their caregivers answer questions and find information is our goal here at The Detroit Eldercare Channel and we want to make it easier to navigate the issues affecting your life.

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