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Detroit Geriatric Physicians

About Detroit Geriatric Physicians

Thanks for visiting the Detroit Geriatric Physicians section of The Detroit Eldercare Channel. As virtually any senior citizen can attest, things start changing as we get older.  The skin loses elasticity, hair color often starts to disappear, and even things such as spending the day outside working or playing can become more difficult.  Our medical and dietary needs change considerably as we age, and the simple fact is that choosing eldercare physicians may be the best way for seniors to ensure that they are getting the proper health care treatment.

Detroit Geriatric Physicians have received specific medical training in dealing with issues that are more common for seniors, such as heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.  While most medical doctors receive education on these conditions, those who work with them on a regular basis are often more up to date on the latest tests and treatments.  A geriatric physician can help you or your loved one get all of the proper screenings and tests, as well as to make necessary diet and lifestyle changes.

If you are looking for Detroit Geriatric Physicians, we can help.  The Detroit Eldercare Channel is a resource designed to provide seniors and their caregivers with information, advice, and more regarding common issues affecting the older population as well as the people who care for them.  To the right, you will find a directory of  area Detroit geriatric physicians. Launched in 2015 by Jeff Welsh and Right at Home of Detroit, The Detroit Eldercare Channel is an extensive online directory of local senior care services.


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