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Detroit Hospice

About Detroit Hospice

Detroit hospice care is a very valuable service for local seniors who are in the end stages of terminal illness or disease.  Designed to offer palliative care that helps to alleviate pain and increase comfort and quality of life, hospice care can provide a great relief for seniors and their loved ones during a very difficult time.  If someone you love is facing the need for hospice care, knowing what your options are and where to turn can be helpful.

Hospice care can take a few different shapes.  Some providers can come into your home in order to provide medication and care, affording your loved one the ability to remain at home until the end.  For other families, the right option may be to utilize the services of a hospice facility, where providers are available around the clock to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible.  The choice is up to you and your loved one, and both have many benefits.

At The Detroit Eldercare Channel, we know that life is sometimes full of very hard decisions.  As a caregiver, you want only what is best for your loved one.  Thanks to video host Jeff Welsh from Right at Home, we offer information, tips, and advice regarding hospice care and many other common senior issues and concerns. You will find a directory of Detroit, MI area hospice care providers.


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