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About Detroit Independent Living

Hello, and welcome to the Detroit Independent Living section of The Detroit Eldercare Channel. Independence is certainly a very important thing for most of us, and it is something that we value greatly.  When maintaining independence becomes difficult due to finances, location, or even mobility issues, however, the need for change becomes apparent.  Retirement homes make a wonderful option for seniors who are still able to live independently, but who can no longer afford their homes, no longer need such a large space, or can no longer get up stairs or maintain a large living space. Launched in 2015 by Jeff Welsh and Right at Home of Detroit, The Detroit Eldercare Channel is an extensive online directory of local senior care services.

With Detroit Independent Living communities, seniors typically remain fully independent.  These homes and communities are entirely age dependent, offering an environment where seniors can live among their peers.  Amenities and activities are often offered and can even include things such as swimming pools and sports complexes in addition to communal entertainment areas and meal areas.  Retirement homes can often be less costly than maintaining a full sized home, and options in facilities and communities range from suites to condos and houses as well as both individual and shared living arrangements.

At The Detroit Eldercare Channel, we want to make your search for Detroit Independent Living communities easier.  Our site offers information on choosing retirement homes, as well as resources on a number of other issues that affect seniors and their caregivers.  To the right, you will find a directory of area retirement homes to help make your search easier.

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