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Detroit Nursing Homes

About Detroit Nursing Homes

Choosing Detroit nursing homes for a loved one can be a very difficult task.  Many seniors are hesitant to enter into a nursing home, and many caregivers are equally reluctant.  Unfortunately, a caregiver’s need to work or a senior’s worsening health issues can leave no other choice.  Nursing homes today are typically a far cry from what many of us envision, but making the right choice is still important. Our video host, Jeff Welsh from Right at Home, created The Detroit Eldercare Channel to help make finding the right nursing home easier.

When looking for the right nursing home, there is more to consider than simply cost and insurance acceptance.  You will want to inquire about the staff to patient ratio, as well as the availability of services such as memory care, speech and physical therapy, and advanced nursing.  It is also important to look at the staff to patient ratio and to see if the center has ever been investigated for elder abuse.  Screening policies for staff members should be fairly rigorous.  It is also advised to visit the nursing home in person, preferably with your loved one, and to take a look at rooms, dining areas, communal areas, and all other spaces where they will be spending time.

The decision to move a loved one into a nursing home can be hard, but it can also be the best thing for their health and safety.  The Detroit Eldercare Channel knows that this is a difficult decision, and we offer information, advice, and the directory of area nursing homes in order to help you make the right choice.  Providing valuable resources for seniors and their caregivers is our primary goal, and we want to help make common senior issues much easier to handle.


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