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Karmanos Cancer Inst Hospice Program

24601 Northwestern Hwy

Southfield, MI, 48075

(248) 304-2201


Cancer Care

We know that others may claim to be leading the fight against cancer but we truly are. The Karmanos Cancer Institute is committed to being at the forefront of cancer treatment – always a step ahead. From ground-breaking original research to offering the most up-to-date treatment options, our expert team offers tomorrow’s standard of care today.

We understand that cancer is a complex disease that demands complex care. We provide each patient with a dynamic, carefully constructed treatment plan focused on their specific cancer and their unique needs. We listen to our patients and then design a plan that deals with them in a respectful, compassionate manner, and is responsive to their emotional and practical concerns.

Karmanos Cancer Care Services & Programs

  • Treatment options & side effects – Karmanos provides all contemporary forms of cancer treatment and conducts research to evaluate the newest therapies.
  • Clinical Trials – Research studies evaluate promising new therapies and answer scientific questions. The goal of such trials is to find treatments that are more effective in controlling cancer with fewer side effects.
  • Radiology services – As the leading cancer specialists, no one understands and offers the imaging excellence we do.
  • Women’s Wellness Center – If you are a woman who has a history of cancer, has a genetic predisposition for breast cancer or just has general concerns or questions regarding their breast health, Karmanos offers guidance, support and screenings.
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program – If you are a woman between 40-64 years of age without health insurance you may qualify for free breast and cervical screening through the Michigan Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP).
  • Cord Blood Program – Karmanos collects, processes and stores donated umbilical cord blood that becomes a readily available source of hematopoietic stem cells for transplant in children and adults with leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease or other life-threatening conditions.
  • National Asbestos-Vermiculite Center – The goal of the center is to examine the health consequences of chronic exposure to asbestos contaminated vermiculite and implement a program of early detection and treatment of cancers and asbestosis resulting from chronic exposure to asbestos.