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Sasson Senior Services

6632 Telegraph, Ste. 216

Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48301

(248) 840-8824

Sasson Senior Services will be your professional coordinator to lead your team in achieving your goals. We can provide a one time assessment in your home or can provide on-going care management for the long term. A variety of care management options are available.  By helping clients obtain transportation, socialization, house cleaning, home health care, home repair, and other services, Diane takes some of the stress off their shoulders.

A complete assessment is provided for assisting you in making immediate and future plans. Sasson Senior Services will provide placement options, care at home, and resources and referrals to other professionals and agencies.

Mental health concerns are very stressful and difficult for individuals and their families. Sasson Senior Services can provide options for living arrangements and treatment. Additionally, Sasson Senior Services serves as support for the client and the family. Sometimes another pair of ears and eyes to listen and provide feedback and suggestions helps the client as well as the family.


Sasson Senior Services will provide a complete assessment in the privacy of the client’s home whether it be in a residential neighborhood or facility. The assessment will include options for transitioning to a new living environment or remaining at home. As well, the assessment will include resources for an attorney financial advisor, geriatrician, and others, as needed.

Care Plan

Following the assessment, Sasson Senior Services will develop a care plan outlining the concerns and options for resolving the problems. Sasson Senior Services can assist in implementing the plan or the family or client can choose to initiate the plan. The care manger has a “tool box” of suggestions and recommendations to assist you. The care plan can include education regarding the diagnosis or resources regarding the specific needs. Education can be verbal or print, audio, or video depending on the circumstances.


At whatever stage of life, every person needs an advocate. Sasson Senior Services provides an advocate for you with your physician, attorney, and others. When you or your loved one have a crisis whether it is two in the afternoon or three in the morning, Sasson Senior Services will be there as your advocate and have all your legal and medical paperwork on hand in the event it is needed. In any setting, i.e. hospital, nursing home, assisted living, or rehab facility, Sasson Senior Services staff will be with you for support and advocacy.

Sasson Senior Services provides resources, print, audio, or video to assist you in understanding your diagnosis and needs.

Medical Coordination

Going to the physician,  hospital, or laboratory  can be daunting and intimidating. Sasson Senior Services can be your advocate—-drive you to the appointment, provide advocacy, and extra ears and eyes to listen to the professionals. The care manager has access to your medication information and your medical history which makes an appointment  much less stressful. The care manager can go to the pharmacy to fill your prescription and set up your medications in an easy to use way.  Additionally, the care manager helps to support the client and becomes a “trusted friend” in the process.

Insurance issues?  The Affordable Care Act is confusing even to those who designed it. Sasson Senior Services can assist you in determining which plan will best meet your needs. Your care manager can assist in filling out forms, making phone calls, and whatever other help you might need.

In today’s world with the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), the consumer is confronted with conflicting advertisements and plans. Let Sasson Senior Services guide you through the maze and assist you with making decisions, filling out forms, and understanding what plans can best meet your needs and provide a quality of life. Sasson Senior services will assist you in managing insurance claims and maintaining your personal health care record. Your medical history can be compiled into one document.

Entitlements—-Medical, Housing, and others

Many people are unaware of what they may be entitled to. Sasson Senior Services will assist you in determining your eligibility for Veterans benefits, Medicaid, housing assistance, medication reimbursement, or other options.

Transition to a new living environment

If needed, care management will help you select and move to a new environment. Determining what will best meet the needs of an individual needs a professional eye. . Sasson Senior Services has resources for movers, packers, and organizers. More important, your care manager will be there to support you during this time and make the move a seamless one.

Family mediation

It is the rare family that agrees on a course of action. Sasson Senior Services can help mediate family conflict and find a plan that is best for the client.

Resources and referrals

Sasson Senior Services provides referrals to trusted professionals with whom our team has experience. Whether you need an elder law attorney, geriatrician,other medical specialists, driver, or housecleaner, Sasson Senior Services can find the right resource to meet your individual need. With over 20 years of experience in the metro Detroit area, Diane Sasson is able to provide  excellent resources within hours of your call. Diane has personally partnered with many of the elder law attorneys, financial planners, home care agencies, rehabilitation facilities, adult foster care homes, and other resources you might need.


Sasson Senior Services is available 24/7. Your care manager will have access to your important documents, a list of your medications and dosages, and important names and phone numbers to call in an emergency.